Jaipur is undoubtedly a rustic land blooming royalty and ethnicity in its every corner. It is one of the cities that lets you sense the true essence of vibrant Indian culture, rich history, and architectural splendor. If you have thoroughly visited Jaipur and wish to explore some of the best places near Jaipur, you have got an abundance of options.

Apart from the bounteous beauty of Jaipur, there are many places that can be visited in a periphery of 500 kilometers from Jaipur. Have a read and decide the best place to visit around Jaipur according to your requirements.

Best places to visit near Jaipur within 500 km:


Distance of Ajmer from Jaipur- 140 km

Ajmer is one of the exotic destinations you can visit near Jaipur within 500 kilometers. The city brims with natural majestic beauty. There is an Ajmer Dargah which is a famous hotspot for both Muslim and Hindu devotees. The city experiences many visitors every day.

Ana Sagar Lake, Adhai Din ka Jhopda, Ajmer Digamber Jain Temple are some of the famous sightseeing places of Ajmer.

There is a town named Pushkar located in the Ajmer district. You can plan your getaway at Pushkar to rejuvenate your souls in the religious vibes of the place. Pushkar has several beautiful and sacred ghats at the banks of Lake Pushkar. People bathe in these ghats and it is believed to wash away all your lifetime sins.


Distance of Bundi from Jaipur- 218 km

This ancient city of Rajasthan with its century-old architecture and numerous tourist spots is a nest of various step wells, architectural monuments, palaces, forts, landscapes, and lakes. With its historical value, Bundi city near Jaipur is a dream for tourists looking for a deeper insight into Indian history. Bundi was included in Rajasthan in 1947 and before that, it held ties with Mughals and various other tribes.

Bundi is home to numerous beautiful forts. The most popular among them is Taragarh Fort. This palace narrates the grandeur and heroism of Rajputs and many battles fought here. Another lavish palace is Bundi fort, hidden between the valley of hills surrounded by meadows with Jait Sagar reflecting back the fort in mesmerizing hues. Sukh Mahal, Phool Sagar, Ishawari Niwas are other visionary attractions as well.

This city will fascinate every tourist with its greenery, history, architecture, and nature and festivals like Teej festivals.


Distance of Alwar from Jaipur- 138 km

A city once forgotten is now a hot spot for various tourist attractions. With Mughal architecture, ruins, mysterious forts, sparkling lakes, adventurous water sports, zip line, spooky haunted palace, and a national wildlife sanctuary Alwar offers tourists everything they can think of.

Popular palaces near the Alwar district of Rajasthan are Sariska palace, Bala Quila, Alwar fort, Sisliserh lake palace, and the famous haunted palace Bhangar palace.

Sainthal dam is known for its crocodile sighting. While jet skiing and pedal boating being other activities to enjoy.

With five zip-lines operating you can enjoy panoramic views of Aravalli range and many other scenic routes of Alwar.

Sariska national park is also known as “abode of Bengal tigers” is also located near the Alwar district. It is the perfect place to experience an exhilarating safari, nature, and chances of spotting leopard, spotted hyena, nilgai, boars, and of course majestic tigers.

Garbhaji falls is a popular spot to view the scintillating cascading waters.


Distance of Chittorgarh from Jaipur-305km

Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan is known for its palatial majestic fort which also happens to be largest in Asia. It is a city with rich culture, architecture, nature, temples, and wildlife sanctuary. Chittorgarh offers many tourist activities and places to visit like Chittorgarh fort, Padmini’s Palace, and Rani Kumbha Palace.

Those who are in search of solace can turn to various shrines of the city like Meera temple, Kalika temple, Kumbh Shyam temple, Sringar Chowri temple, and many more.

You can even enjoy a helicopter ride over Chittorgarh to relish the beautiful views underneath.

Bassi wildlife sanctuary near Chittorgarh offers a safari that has water bodies and you can also spot panthers, antelopes, and mongooses.

To experience the culture of the city, one can look forward to the famous Gangaur festival held in July or August.

Adventure seekers can go up the hiking treks surrounding the city.

Ranthambore National Park

Distance of Ranthambore National Park from Jaipur-122 kms

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most famous national parks in India and a perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts. Apart from the tiger reserve and safari ride here; royal ruins are also famous.

Ranthambore National park is a habitat to 330 species of birds. Bird watching is another activity which can be enjoyed by tourists.

Surwal lake is an exceptional spot to visit for those who want to feel calm and gaze upon waters surrounded with wild animals and breathtaking views.

Jogi mahal near Padma lake is exemplary for its architecture and sculptures.

Culture of Ranthambore is equally colorful and rich be it their rural crafts or mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes like dal bati, ker sangari, and very famous mawa kachori that satiates your taste buds quite nice.

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