Rajasthan is a state full of bounteous beauty adored all over its land. With magnificent fortresses, palaces, ancient temples, and religious spots- the place is worth a visit.

Temples of Rajasthan have some exquisite beauty attached to them. The ancient and extraordinary architecture of the temples is something to have a sight of. Every year thousands of tourists visit Rajasthan just to know about its vivid culture and religious enrichment.

But it becomes quite tedious for tourists to decide which temples to visit during their trip. Hence we have created this list of best and extraordinary temples you should include in your list during your Rajasthan Tour.

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1.  Birla Mandir (Jaipur):

Out of several temples in Jaipur Birla Mandir is very famous and beautiful, it is situated down to the Moti Dungari heel.  The temple is not like other temples with some historical legends, it is quite a modern kind of temple built entirely with white marbles. Constructed by Birlas(The famous Indian Industrialists) the temple houses the idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

The beautiful temple is dedicated mainly to Narayan(Lord Vishnu) and goddess of wealth and fortune -Lakshmi, hence it is also known as Lakshmi-Narayan temple. The interior of the temple is amazingly decorated with a lot of artwork,  you can see so many displays of carvings and sculptures based on different mythological themes.

There is one interesting thing about this temple, on the top of the temple there are 3 domes which represent the 3 different religion of our country, paying homage to our beautiful and secular India. Another interesting fact is the idol of both goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu is carved out from one single slab of marble, fascinating, isn’t it!

2. Ranakpur Jain Temple:

You would love to visit this more than beautiful Temple in Ranakpur, situated 90 km from Udaipur city the temple is spread in an area of 48000 sq. ft.  The temple is a collaboration of amazing huge architecture and beauty. For your knowledge the entire temple stands over 1444 carved pillars, it has 24 halls and some 80 domes on the top of the temple. The temple houses Lord Adinath, the idol is  6 ft tall, and Lord Adinath was the 1st Tirthankar as per the Jain cosmology.

The temple is quite old, it was built in the 15th century during the ruling time of Rana Kumbha. The construction was started by Dhanna Shah after he saw a spiritual vision in his dream. The sites have few other temples surrounding the main temple namely Chaumukha Temple, Surya Temple, Parshvanath Temple, and Amba Mata Temple. The stone carving and the architectural pattern and designs are inspired by Mirpur Jain Temple(Mirpur, Rajasthan).

 An interesting fact about the Ranakpur Jain Temple is that no two pillars have the same sort of carving and designs, each one is unique.

3. Neelkanth Temple:

It is located on an isolated hill near the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar district. As the name clearly suggests, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, apart from this it has many other temples under one roof. The pathway to temple is a little rough but once you reach there it will feel all worthy.

The temple was built by Maharajadhiraja  Mathanadeva and the architectural style of all the temples is purely North Indian, define by shikhara, spires, and superstructure. The temples give the resemblance of the famous Khajuraho Temple because of its walls in the main temple, which has numerous sculptures over it.

4. Galtaji (Jaipur):

A famous pilgrimage site in Jaipur, Galtaji temple is one of the popular Hindu temples and is situated 10 km far from the main city of Jaipur. The structure is made up of pink sandstone and looks beautiful with its painted walls, carved pillars, and rounded roofs. Another attraction here is the water tanks, there is a total of 7 water tanks that are filled up with natural springs that flow down from the mountains.

The main and the holiest Kund is “Galtaji Kund”, it is said that it never dries up. Devotees take bath in the water tank as they believe that it works as medicine and will cure their diseases. The temple is surrounded by greenery and you will witness a lot of monkeys sitting here and there in the entire complex. Apart from Kunds, the site houses temples of Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, And Lord Hanuman. This beautiful temple is different from other temples, it looks more like a Royal “haveli” rather like a common temple architecture.

5. Tanot Mata,(Jaisalmer):

The temple is dedicated to Tanot Mata which is said to be an incarnation of Goddess Hinglaj. the devotees have a strong belief in Tanot Mata, according to old legends, the temple remained safe and harmless despite may bombs and shells were thrown during the wartime in 1965.

As not a single bomb was exploded near the temple, from that day people believe that it is the power of  Tanot Mata which kept it safe and protected. Later on, it was rebuilt by BSF (Border security force) and is continuously managed by them. If you are In Jaisalmer then do visit this temple and feel the power of supreme- “The God”

6. Ambala Mata Temple(Udaipur)

The temple is situated in a  small village called Jagat, which is 50 km away from Udaipur city. It is the most beautiful temple near Udaipur, you can feel the spiritual vibe in the environment. The temple is dedicated to the Ambika diety which is a form of goddess Durga.

The architecture and the beautiful carving make this temple more amazing. The temple has a theme of a mountain place which is said to be an abode of the gods. The sculpture, the temple towers are so beautiful that it holds the eyes of visitors.


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