Deep in the heart of the Thar Desert lies the town of Jaisalmer, one of the last princely states of the Marwar region. Founded on the location of splendid trade routes, this sparse and remote settlement came to be celebrated for the valor and pride of its rulers, and the aesthetic appeal it has in terms of palaces and haveli this town constitutes.

Jaisalmer Sightseeing:

The rich merchants engaged stone-craftsmen who worked with great interest and diligence on the sandstone mansions they built, adding their touch to the distinct sculptures, screen windows, delicate pavilions and beautiful breathtaking architecture on the balconies. Variety and various kinds of museums located within the city still inhabit the essence of such work, descriptions about colorful celebrations and festivals that occur in the city till today.

The major attractions of this popularly called “Golden City” Jaisalmer are magnificent Havelis located in the bylanes of the old city, the famous Jaisalmer Fort also called as “Sonar Qila” which is known as the World’s largest living fort and many Hindu and Jain Temples residing within the fort. Another major splendid attraction is the Sam Sand Dunes, located a few kilometers away from the main city that offers unbelievable desert vistas stretching across miles and miles.

How can you reach Jaisalmer from Mumbai:

To explore the beauty of this desert yet astonishingly beautiful city, you need to at least have information about all the conveyance modes along with the time it takes to travel in each mode so that you can choose one according to your convenience.

The distance between Mumbai and Jaisalmer by road is approximately 1095 kilometer which takes 19 hours to travel via NH48 and NH68.

Let us compare the three modes of traveling from Mumbai to Jaisalmer.

By air:

As this desert land doesn’t have any airport in the city so you will have to switch flights to reach your final destination. Jodhpur airport is the nearest airport from Jaisalmer. You can board your flight from Mumbai till Jodhpur and then you can book any private taxi to reach the golden city. Jodhpur airport is approximately 300 km from Jaisalmer city. (And Delhi airport is the nearest International airport)

 By train:

When we think of convenient traveling, rail is the first option which strikes our mind and the best part is Jaisalmer railways is connected directly to various cities namely Jaipur, Mumbai, Jodhpur and many more. Jaisalmer railway serves both the broad gauge as well as meter gauge tracks. There is a direct train from Mumbai to Jaisalmer which takes about 21 hours and 40 minutes. But who would like to kill their 22 hours in traveling?

Traveling by roads has become a favorite option for many people due to the less time it takes in traveling than trains and more budgeted fares compared to flights. Jaisalmer is connected to numerous cities by excellently maintained network of roads. For all the bag-packers out there who wish to spend less time traveling, choosing the road journey is the best option. You can either travel by bus or hire a cab to Jaisalmer.

By road:

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Best way to travel from Mumbai to Jaisalmer:

Let us wrap it up with a conclusion about which conveyance mode would be the most desirable one for you to travel. Traveling by air would leave you frenzied in terms of changing flights and hiring cabs.

Also, as there is no direct bus from Mumbai to Jaisalmer and you’ll have to changes buses so traveling by bus would leave you tedious with the bags of tiredness under your eyes.

A train is a good option to travel but only for people who have a huge chunk of time just to invest in their journey. As the time taken in traveling by train is approx 22 hours so better would be to avoid the train option until not necessary.

Hiring a cab or taxi for outstation from Mumbai to Jaisalmer would be the most convenient and comfortable option to go for. The market is flooded with various taxi and cab companies offering an array of car options with many luxurious and budgeted tour options. You can choose any car from the fleet of cars according to your group size and convenience. Arihant Taxi Service also provides you various discounted taxi service options with a wide range of luxurious cars available.

All in all, in a nutshell, Jaisalmer is that amazing city which will truly turn your instincts back to the age of Maharajas letting you encounter royalty in all the forms of happiness. Come on; get ready to explore this wonderful “golden city” stretching its arms to welcome you with love and warmth served with royal Rajasthani flavors.


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